MaxeyLash is an eyelash enhancing serum containing active ingredients scientifically formulated to enhance the appearance, volume, and darkness of your eyelashes. Formulated in a cool and soothing liquid base, MaxeyLash is colorless and odorless. Same great formula with a new look and larger 3mL supply. Toss out the false lashes for your own beautiful eyelashes!


  1. Gently remove makeup and cleanse face
  2. Nightly, apply a thin line of MaxeyLash to the root of the upper eyelashes as though applying eyeliner
  3. Results from MaxeyLash are seen in as little as a few weeks*

Features and Benefits:

  • MaxeyLash is a safe and simple eyelash conditioning serum for a dramatic lash look
  • Noticeable results are seen in as little as a few weeks*
  • Apply once per day with easy-to-use applicator
  • Try MaxeyLash risk-free with our 90-day Money Back Guarantee**
  • New! Larger 3mL supply

*When used as directed, applying once per day. Noticeable results typically seen in as little as a couple weeks, with full results in two months during testing. Results may vary. For a full ingredient list click here.

**For online orders only. Please view our FAQs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 417 reviews
It did not work for me. Just irritated my eyes

I am sorry this product did not work for me. My eyes were red and irritated as well as my top eyelids, very close to the upper lash line. Nothing happened to my lashes. I have returned the product and just waiting for my refund

Amazing growth!

I have a pic from the day before I started a month ago and the difference to today is amazing.

Hi Daniel, we're thrilled to hear you've experienced amazing results! We would love to see the pictures. If you're willing to share, please send them to!


I miss Max eyelash more every time I apply mascara!

I used Maddy Lash for any at least one year. I quickly saw longer AND darker lashes. I got so many complements on "what beautiful eyes,and did I have false lashes on? Once I convinced people,; They too got on the Maxey Lash Train! I got side tracked by some other " hype" product, by the way prIce hike also. It never lived up to Marry Lash. GO WITH MAXEY LASH! YOUWILL BE VERY HAPPY AND GLAMOROUS!
P. Mccormack

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for the 5 star review! We are so happy that you love MaxeyLash!


The results are real. I had super short straight lashes and now mine are LONG. I was at the eye doctor and she told me “wow you have really pretty eyelashes” which no one ever commented on in the past because I never had them!!! I have been using this product for over a year now and it lasts so long I am only on my second bottle. I recommended to my sister who had short lashes like me and now hers are super long as well. It definitely works!

MaxeyLash Giveaway Entry

Thank you for you review!

Good results

I was impressed to see that MaxeyLash really did work! In a few weeks of use I noticed lashes were longer and I could decrease use to every other day or a couple times a week. I need to order more, because I love having longer lashes!
MaxeyLash Giveaway Entry

Thanks so much for the review!

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