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Where Science Meets Beauty.

We love long lashes but didn’t like the options that were out there because they simply didn’t work or required a prescription with less-than-desirable side effects. MaxeyLash is a specially formulated eyelash conditioning serum proven to give you the appearance of longer, darker, and thicker lashes. We’re confident that you’ll love MaxeyLash as much as we do and believe you should be completely satisfied with your purchase. In fact, if you’re not satisfied you may return your order for any reason, within 90 days of purchasing for a 100% refund! 

The History of MaxeyLash.

MaxeyLash was founded by Kirk Maxey in 2007 as the lead brand of Maxey Cosmetics, a company dedicated to taking a scientific approach to health and beauty. At MaxeyLash, we have a deep scientific background and understanding of the physiology supporting natural health and apply this when developing our consumer products. Today, MaxeyLash has locations in the U.S. and Europe, serving customers worldwide.

In addition to our consumer line, we provide products and services for scientists researching and developing personal care products. We offer specialty raw materials, research reagents, and analytical and custom organic chemistry services. Learn more at Maxey Cosmetics.

Interested in offering MaxeyLash products at your dermatology office, salon or spa? Please visit our Resellers & Distributors page.

Press and Awards.

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